Community Learning Workshop Calendar

Community Learning Workshops*NEW* for 2017/18 – Click here for a downloadable and printable calendar for our Community Learning Workshops!

Workshops at a Glance:

September 26 & 27 – CHOICE OF DAY
Building Positive Relationships
Family Journeys

October 24 & 25
Tuesday Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training (All Day). Note **9-4 pm
Wednesday Supporting Positive Behaviour
Practical applications and data collection

November 27 (one day only)
CORE AND OPTION Mental Health: Supporting Children and Families
Together Mental Health in the Workplace —**NOTE this workshop is off site from GRIT**

January 30 & 31
CORE (Tues.) Road to Inclusion
Meaningful Participation: Community Café Conversations
OPTION (Wed.) Get Outside and Play
Community Café Conversations

February 9 Conference (TBA)

April 24 & 25
OPTION (Tues.) Mealtime Success
Messy Play
CORE(Wed.) Now We’re Communicating
Community Café Conversations

May 22 & 23
CHOICE OF DAY Surprise Team Time (GRIT staff only)
GRIT Visioning (GRIT Parents and staff)

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