Employee Testimonials

We Asked Our Staff About Whether They Liked Working for GRIT. Here are the results:

  • 100% say they are supported to understand GRIT’s values of inclusion, play, family centered practice and learning.
  • 100% say they like the people they work with.
  • 100% say they have opportunities in their work to learn and grow.
  • 100% find meaning and purpose in their work.
  • 100% are satisfied with GRIT as an employer and would recommend GRIT as a place to work.

Congratulations, Martha Doxsey, on your RETIREMENT!

Martha DoxseyMartha DoxseyMartha Doxsey

An excerpt from GRIT’s 25th Anniversary History Book:

Dear GRIT families,

I have been privileged to work with you for almost 17 years now and my admiration for you continues to grow. Over the years I have been witness to your great love and devotion. I have experienced your wisdom, your courage, your creativity and your laughter. I shared your joy at seeing your child’s face light up when he is with other children or take her first steps. You have welcomed me into your homes and I have felt truly humbled by the trust you have put in me. I have seen your commitment to what you believe in regardless of the challenges you face. I continue to marvel at your strength and your desire to always learn more.

Your children have taught me the importance of living fully in the moment and appreciating the joys of everyday activities. Who knew that washing your hands or opening a door could be so much fun! They have warmed my heart with their unconditional love and acceptance. I wish I had a tenth of their patience, persistence and determination. Your little ones have shown me how to make friends, how to be brave in the face of difficulty, how to have fun, and how to look at each new day as a thrilling adventure. Whenever I need a role model for a quality I wish I myself had more of, I can think of at least one GRIT child who exemplifies that quality for me. But most of all your children have taught me that we are all the same and we all belong together.

Each year I look forward to getting to know new families and I am saddened to say goodbye to ones who are leaving. You each have a special place in my heart. It has been exciting to read the family stories that were sent in and to remember the many wonderful families I have worked with. You and your children will continue to inspire me, both at work and in my home life. Thank you for making me a better teacher and a better person!?

Wishing you all the very best,

Martha Doxsey
Coordinating Teacher
1990 to 2007
(and hopefully well into the future!)

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