Employees’ FAQ

1. What qualifications are required for a developmental specialist?
Educational Background:
– Early Childhood Diploma
– Rehabilitation Practitioner
– Disabilities Studies: Learning and Community Diploma Program
– Educational Assistant Certificate
– Therapy Assistant Diploma (speech, occupational and physical therapy).
– Experience with preschool aged children and/or children with disabilities.

2. When does programming take place?
The Program operates during the school year (September-June)

3. Where does programming take place?
Programming takes place in natural settings of the family’s home.
– Daycare or alternate provider
– Community which could include playschool, or outings to library programs, swimming, dropin gym, etc.
– Playschool or kindergarten settings

4. What support and training is available?
The GRIT Program is highly committed to ongoing professional growth and development. These include workshops, CPR, annual conference. In addition, individual coaching is provided during visits with team. All developmental specialists have a monthly prep day to plan/prepare materials.

5. Do I need a vehicle?
A reliable vehicle is required to transport the child during programming time. The GRIT Program will reimburse staff for educational purposes.

6. Holidays & Vacation
The GRIT Program follows the Edmonton Public School Board calendar, operating from September until the end of June. Employees receive three weeks of paid holidays including two weeks for Christmas Break and one week for Spring Break.

7. Are there any opportunities for employment during the summer months?
Yes, GRIT does have positions that extend into the summer. Talk to us about these opportunities.

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