GRIT Programming

1. How is GRIT different from other programs?

GRIT’s four Core Values guide our program delivery. GRIT actively seeks parental involvement and participation so parents make key decisions about their child and family’s unique learning needs. GRIT provides support to ensure the child’s success and participation in natural family and community routines.

2. How do I choose which program is best for my child and family?

Parents are encouraged to explore all program options available to your child and family. Families should ensure the program and its values are a good fit for their child’s learning needs and expectations. Checking our website, calling to ask questions, and attending the GRIT Open House are excellent ways to gather information about The GRIT Program.

3. Where does the program take place?

In the first two years, the program will usually occur in home and community settings. The final year of programming typically takes place in kindergarten in your child’s community school.

4. Who will be involved with my child?

Your family will become part of an educational team that consists of a teacher, occupational therapist, physical therapist and speech & language pathologist. You will work closely with a developmental specialist (DS) to support your child’s participation and learning. Additional supports in areas of behavior, vision, etc. are added as needed. 

5. What will my child do during programming?

An individual program plan (IPP) is developed based on your family’s routines and the priorities you identify for your learning. The developmental specialist (DS) provides the support needed for your child to participate in activities with siblings and peers at home, community or school.

6. What is the training of the development specialist (DS) working with my child?

Our developmental specialists have a variety of post-secondary education related to working with children and disabilities, (i.e. Early Learning and Care, Disability Studies, Speech Assistant, etc.). The DS is matched to work with your child based on the information you provide about your child’s strengths and learning needs. GRIT highly invests in ongoing coaching, support and monthly learning sessions for all staff.

7. What happens if I work and my child is in a childcare setting?

  • GRIT staff will collaborate with the childcare staff to meet your child’s learning needs at a day care or day home setting. 
  • The educational team will support staff by building on their skills and confidence to successfully include all children in their care.
  • We will work together to find opportunities to ensure your parental involvement

8. What if my child is hospitalized?

The DS and educational team will visit in the hospital. Programming will be adjusted as needed to meet your child’s health needs.

9. When are program breaks and holidays?

The GRIT Program follows the Edmonton Public School calendar year, running September to June with a two week break in December and a one week break in March (Spring break). 

10. How does my child travel to programs in the community? Can I attend too?

We encourage parents to transport the child as they naturally would if the child didn’t have special needs. The developmental specialist is insured to transport your child to community programs with your permission. Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s program whenever possible.

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