Program Values

Family Centered Practice
GRIT values the uniqueness of families. Through collaboration, a flexible partnership is created. The family is the constant in a child’s life. Parents hold a central role in informed decision making and choices for the well-being of their child and family. An integral aspect of our program is to ensure parents experience meaningful opportunities for active parent participation, learning, and strengthening of each family. The family gains confidence in their abilities to positively influence their future.

Community Inclusion
Inclusion is embedded in the belief that “we all belong”. All children have the right to participate in natural settings, regardless of their diverse abilities. When children are included, they are active and valued participants in typical family life, community, and in their neighborhood school. An inclusive community is a welcoming community where each member experiences the feeling and reality of belonging.

Learning through Play
Young children learn through play. Guided play forms a strong foundation for ongoing social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Through building on play interests, children learn to make sense of their world, practice skills, expand their imagination, and create a valued role for themselves with their peers. Play leads to feelings of competence and self-confidence; it is the real work of children.

Learning Organization
The most valuable asset of an organization is its people. GRIT families and staff are involved and passionate. They learn together, seek knowledge, and discover innovative practices for their work. Through constant dialogue, respect, and trust, people and ideas evolve and grow.

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