Specialized Services


GRIT is an approved service provider through Family Supports with Children with Disabilities (FSCD) to offer specialized services programming supports for approved families who are currently or will be enrolled in The GRIT Program for PUF. This enhanced programming (GRIT Plus), builds on the foundation of early childhood education programming, with increased support and focus on strengthening the parent’s skills and confidence to apply specialized interventions into their child’s every day routines to achieve the goals they desire.

One Team Approach

GRIT Plus and PUF programs use a combined approach, i.e. the same team members, to provide continuity in coaching and support to the child and family to:

  • Enhance parent learning and support to understand their child’s abilities
  • Ensure the child has functional communication
  • Help the child practice new skills while learning in daily routines, using Natural Environment Teaching practices. Click this link for more information on Natural Environmental Teaching.
  • Provide support to parents and siblings to increase interactions and engagement
  • Provide positive behaviour support