Staff Recognition/Awards

GRIT’s Inclusive Education Awards

GRIT is pleased to announce its latest Inclusive Education Award winners! These remarkable people work hard each day to ensure that every child can receive the high-quality education they’re entitled to, in an inclusive environment.

  1. Educational Team of the Year: Wye Elementary School

    “Wye School was very welcoming right from the first meeting we had with them. They spoke about what needed to be done to ensure that the GRIT child would be fully included. Eleesha is a very skilled teacher, which is evident from the moment you walk into her classroom. She goes above and beyond to make a motivating learning environment for all the students. Eleesha worked with the entire team to meet the needs for the GRIT child. She knew the GRIT child’s goals and took ownership and pride to have the GRIT child succeed. Deb Buchan also worked hard to bring in the technology team through Elk Island, in kindergarten, because, in her words, ‘It just makes sense’. It has been a tremendous pleasure to work with everyone at Wye School this year, and we wish you continued success.”

    Educational Team of the Year - Wye

  2. Educational Team of the Year: McKee Elementary School

    “The entire team was dedicated to ensuring that the GRIT child would be successful in attending kindergarten via Skype, as the GRIT child continues to be homebound due to her complex medical condition. The use of technology has been so unique and essential to the GRIT child’s full participation as a valued member of her class. With the use of an Intelligaze Eye Gaze computer system, the GRIT child communicates with those around her. Charlene, the kindergarten teacher, introduced the GRIT child to her class, via Skype, in a manner that allowed the children to welcome the GRIT child into the classroom with open arms, and has proven to be a strong advocate for the GRIT child throughout the year. Brandi, Education Assistant, ensured the GRIT child experienced all of the activities her peers were enjoying using computer support. Together GRIT and McKee School have found creative ways for the GRIT chld and her class to connect. The GRIT child visited her kindergarten class once this year, for face to face time with her classmates. Thank you for your team’s commitment during what we can call a ground breaking year!”

    Education Team of the Year - McKee

  3. Teacher of the Year: Shannon Humphrey, Dr. Donald Massey Elementary School

    “Shannon has created an inclusive classroom to ensure that all her students belong. She is fully aware of the GRIT child’s IPP goals and ways to incorporate them during classroom activities. In addition, Shannon is very welcoming to the GRIT child’s  parents and the GRIT consultants and is always available to talk with them and share information and ideas. Shannon is a very caring teacher who exemplifies best practices in support of inclusive education. We are pleased to celebrate Shannon Humphrey as recipient of GRIT’s Teacher of the Year Award 2013.”

    Teacher of the Year - Shannon Humphrey

  4. Development Specialist Awards

    Leadership Award: Frances Scully
    Peer Appreciation Award: Dianne MacDonald
    Rookie Award:Jacqueline Winters & Tiffany Vander Velden

Long Service Awards

GRIT is delighted to honour GRIT staff who have provided years of dedicated service to children in our community!

Three Years:
Breanne London
Debbie Mills
Kristina Schneck
Lisa Uchytil
Morgan MacDonald
Sara Murchison
Sherri Kirkland
Sue White
Susan Bayne
Wendy Chappell

Five YearsFive Years:
Laura Blakley
Jim Reid
Karusha Rose
Krista Wennerstrom
Barb Round
Rhonda Misanchuk
Jessica Contant
Taunya Wirzba

Ten Years:

Edna Jabs (right, with Barb Reid)

Ten Years

Twenty Years:
Brenda Skirrow (right, with Barb Reid)

Twenty YEars

Developmental Specialist Awards

GRIT is very proud to name its Developmental Specialist Award winners for 2013!

Leadership Award:
Frances Scully

Peer Appreciation Award:
Dianne MacDonald

Rookie Award:

Jacqueline Winters & Tiffany Vander Velden

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