(Access, Support & Participation)


Early childhood communities nurture and embrace all children and families.

ASaP Overview

Initiated in 2012, the ASaP team has adopted and modified an evidence-based framework, the Teaching Pyramid Model (TPM). The TPM is supported by the Centre for Social and Emotional Foundations in Early Learning and Vanderbilt University in the USA.

The framework is designed to increase the skills and confidence of early childhood educators to use evidence based professional practices to strength their work needed to create high quality, responsive environments, intentionally teach social and emotional development, and respond to challenging behaviors.

Individualized Supports for a few children

Targeted Supports in social and emotional development for some children

Universal Supports for all children through positive relationships and high quality inclusive environments

ASaP Continuum Project has five primary activities:

  1. Professional Development on the professional practices of the Teaching Pyramid Model.
  2. Practice-Based Coaching to transfer new skills acquired into day to day practices with children
  3. Monitoring of educator’s growth in use of new practices (Teaching Pyramid Observation Tool).
  4. Leadership Development to strengthen a centre’s successful navigation to access supports for children and families, family engagement in their children’s learning and participation, and the development of inclusive policies.
  5. Research community-based research with the University of Alberta to measure the effectiveness of project outcomes.

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