Our series of workshops provide opportunities for parents, GRIT staff and community partners to learn together. Workshop information is grounded in research and best-practice and strives to shape the way we support children now and in the future.

Workshops are mandatory for staff and are also open to families, and community partners. To register for a workshop please contact the office.

*Please note: there is a $25 fee for community partners to attend a Community Learning Workshop.*

*NEW* for 2017/18 – Click here for a downloadable and printable calendar for our Community Learning Workshops!

Workshops at a Glance:

September 26 & 27 – CHOICE OF DAY
Building Positive Relationships
Family Journeys

October 24 & 25
Tuesday Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training (All Day). Note **9-4 pm
Wednesday Supporting Positive Behaviour
Practical applications and data collection

November 27 (one day only)
CORE AND OPTION Mental Health: Supporting Children and Families
Together Mental Health in the Workplace —**NOTE this workshop is off site from GRIT**

January 30 & 31
CORE (Tues.) Road to Inclusion
Meaningful Participation: Community Café Conversations
OPTION (Wed.) Get Outside and Play
Community Café Conversations

February 9 Conference (TBA)

April 24 & 25
OPTION (Tues.) Mealtime Success
Messy Play
CORE(Wed.) Now We’re Communicating
Community Café Conversations

May 22 & 23
CHOICE OF DAY Surprise Team Time (GRIT staff only)
GRIT Visioning (GRIT Parents and staff)