Early Childhood Education
(Program Unit Funding)

GRIT is funded by Alberta Education through Program Unit Funding (PUF). There is no cost to individual families. As an approved Early Child Services (ECS) provider, GRIT is qualified to offer early childhood educational programming to children between the ages of 2 ½ and 6, who have a severe disability in one or more areas of development. Educational programming is embedded in children’s everyday routines in the natural settings of home, community setting, i.e. preschool, daycare and kindergarten in their neighborhood school.

In keeping with our mission to provide family-centred and inclusive learning experiences, GRIT team members work alongside families and community partners to guide and support the knowledge and skills needed to meaningfully include children in all aspects of life.

The Learning Team

Parents are the heart of this team and work with other team members including a:

  • Developmental Assistant (DA)
  • Certified Teacher
  • Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physical Therapist

Families also have access to the professional knowledge and skills of additional team members if needed:

  • Behavior Support
  • Family Support Social Worker
  • Speech-Language Assistant
  • Mental Health Consultant

Based on the learning needs that have been identified for the child, the team develops an individualized program plan (IPP). Members of the learning team provide coaching and guidance to parents and developmental assistant to use teaching strategies to support each child’s meaningful participation in everyday routines of home, in the community and in kindergarten.

What is PUF?

Alberta Education provides Program Unity Funding (PUF) to support early educational needs of children with a severe developmental disability or delay. Children who are at least 2 ½ years of age and less than 6 years of age on September 1 are eligible. The funding is used to support children’s Participation and learning prior to starting school.

Children who are younger than age 3 are considered ‘early entry’. It is important parents know the advantages and challenges if they choose to start PUF at this early age.

Who applies for PUF?

Early childhood programs, such as GRIT, apply for PUF funding with parent’s permission. PUF may be accessed for a maximum of three years, depending on the child’s individual needs and age when first approved. As parents have a choice of who provides early childhood services, they are encouraged to gather all program information needed to make the best decision for their child and family. The GRIT Program will submit information to Alberta Education for approval of funding which could include: a physician’s letter confirming a diagnosis or delay, developmental assessments, descriptions of concerns involving significant impact on the child’s learning.

Delays in developmental areas may include areas such as speech (understanding or speaking), motor (walking, grasping), cognitive or thinking (play skills, problem solving), or behaviour (social interactions, expressing emotions), etc.

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